About us

Founded in 2016, Creative Tourism Industry has grown into an essential destination among dynamic and modern interior design studios in Croatia. In a short span of time, CTI has established an admirable reputation for creating remarkable interiors and design solutions. We offer turnkey interior design, interior architecture, project management and landscaping services for private individuals and property developers.

Our Services

Creative Tourism Industry Studio has built a reputation for creating sophisticated and elegant interiors, infused with passion, creativity, and intelligent solutions. Our interior design studio is talented, friendly, approachable and fully dedicated to achieving the best design solutions for any project, whether private residence, vacation villa, hotel, spa or restaurant environment.

Selected Projects

With gratitude and passion, we have designed and executed over 90 projects that strive for excellence. Always eager to offer the best of ourselves, curious about the new, yet focused on harmony and enduring beauty, our design team is wholeheartedly devoted to creating exciting and tasteful living spaces.

Boutique hotel Morgan

Boutique hotel Morgan

Next to the widely renowned gastronomic institution, Morgan restaurant in Bracanija (Brtonigla), owned by the same Morgan family, a large old stone house stood on an impressive hillside location overlooking the surrounding vineyards all the way to the sea, ready for complete reconstruction. Today, it’s a fairytale boutique hotel with interior and exterior design that we proudly sign.

House in Rogoznica

We have created a conceptual and execution project for the interior and exterior design of a house in Rogoznica in a contemporary style, featuring a small but attractive wine cellar and tasting room, as well as a small, exclusive wellness area with a salt room and sauna. We carefully selected high-quality materials and designed furniture, preferring darker tones that provide warmth, comfort, and a unique character to the space. The central element of the project is wood, which appears in various forms and shades. The project is conceived as a delicate play with solid materials and wooden contrasts, based on simplicity, elegance, and durability.

Villa Ca' Amelie

The client engaged CTI during the design phase, allowing us to optimize the project from the very beginning. We designed an appealing interior and inspiring exterior, creating a vacation villa that captivates attention with its striking style and functional maturity.

Residential Building in Rovinj

We have created an interior design and exterior design project for a modern residential building with four apartments for sale in Rovinj. In a carefully considered and balanced project, we have created high-quality, unburdened, and modern spaces tailored to contemporary lifestyles. We present exterior visualizations and an apartment on the second floor connected to the attic by an internal staircase.

Villa in Bale

We crafted the interior and exterior design project, including the façade solution, for a villa in Bale. Mediterranean character in a contemporary attire, subtle play with stronger materials and wooden combinations against a light minimalist backdrop, warm minimalism and line play, organic forms, and ample natural light are some of the features of this project designed to endure, relax, and delight simultaneously.

Villa in Korčula

We have designed the interior project for a modern villa in Korčula intended for sale. The aim was to create a minimalist interior that invites light into the space and establishes an unburdened, natural, and pleasant atmosphere, utilizing as many natural materials and organic forms as possible. We employed several types of wood with different installation methods, which serve not only as flooring but also as decorative elements in the kitchen, on the walls in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Combined with stone and glass, they create a sense of airiness and natural balance in the space.

C'a al Campanile

In the heart of old Vodnjan, next to a splendid church and the tallest bell tower in Istria, we completely reconstructed an ancient stone building, arranged its interior, and furnished this impressive house. To achieve a new spatial quality with a sense of height and a more open and modern architecture within the structure, we eliminated a significant part of the first floor during reconstruction. The house features four bedrooms adorned with handmade wallpapers, an impressive living room, and a modern kitchen. It also boasts two smaller relaxing gardens, one with a cocktail pool.

10 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Your space shouldn’t just look great; it should also reflect your personality and style while functioning the way you want to live your life. We, as interior designers, want you to love your home. That’s why we do what we do.