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Creative Tourism Industry Studio has built a reputation for creating sophisticated and elegant interiors, infused with passion, creativity, and intelligent solutions. Our interior design studio is talented, friendly, approachable and fully dedicated to achieving the best design solutions for any project, whether private residence, vacation villa, hotel, spa or restaurant environment.

Interior Design for Residential Properties

Our approach to any residential design project, whether it’s a house, apartment, or condo, involves re-conceptualizing what’s considered ordinary interior and taking it to an extraordinary level. We interpret the client’s personality and style to provide them with an innovative and appealing interior. We select furniture, textiles, artworks, and antiques to enhance the space. The interior is often thought of in an entirely new way, removing physical barriers that hinder a higher quality of living. This very approach to design and dedication to every detail is why both domestic and international clients remain loyal to CTI, with each new investment they make.

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Full-Scale Interior Design

From spatial planning, procurement, maintenance of quality relationships with renowned furniture and textile stores, to the gathering and coordination of a team of experts, carpenters, lighting specialists, construction workers, and finishing companies, we participate in and oversee all processes in realization to ensure a high quality end product.

By following the client’s preferences, and through the presentation in high-quality 3D visualizations of every corner of the project, from creating floor plans, furniture layout plans, lighting arrangements, flooring installation, stucco work, custom furniture drawings, to final furnishing and photographing of the property, every detail is meticulously developed and thought through.

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Interior Design & Landscaping for Tourism Projects

We conceptualize attractive and highly competitive villas, boutique hotels, and vacation homes that achieve exceptional booking results. We manage projects and create long-term competitive products with the best ratio of investment to returns. We engage in any project phase as required by the investor. From the very beginning of the design process, we can collaborate with high-quality and talented architects, guiding the project in the best interests of the investor while leveraging our extensive experience in executing projects in the higher market segment of the tourism industry. In this type of service, market demands and the modern guest’s preferences take top priority.

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Interior design for commercial and public spaces

Whether it’s designing a retail space, restaurant, office, museum or interpretive center, we create well-organized, functional, and visually appealing spaces. Through our design, our goal is to make a positive experience for customers, visitors, clients, and employees alike. A thorough understanding of the business and other activities that will take place in the interior, good planning, creative design thinking, space management, skilled handiwork and precise execution are the critical ingredients we focus on while designing a commercial or public space.

3D Visualization Services

An integral part of every project is the creation of high-quality 3D visualizations for every room and corner of the interior, as well as the entire exterior. 3D visualizations breathe life into each project, showcasing even the tiniest details consistently and with precision.

These visualizations provide clients with a better understanding of proposed solutions, leaving room for changes and adjustments along the way. Moreover, for investors developing properties for sale, high-quality visualizations elevate the presentation of the property to a higher level, making a significant contribution to the appeal of the offering and expediting the sales process.

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Agency Services for Booking Villas

People are primarily visual, and our design is a crucial element that sets the property apart. We aim to provide guests with top-tier comfort and a sense of delight right from the moment they choose the property. Therefore, to both existing owners and new investors, we offer our knowledge and experience, guaranteeing a superior and long-term competitive product. After completing the project and photographing the property, we can market it through our agency department, Weistria, utilizing an extensive network of high-quality online resources. We provide guests with tailored local guides and offer continuous support during their stay. The results we achieve are exceptional, and our commission rates are among the lowest in the market.