Timeless Spaces

Creative Tourism Industry Studio doesn’t merely create luxurious interiors, but interiors with character that reach their creative potential. After all, rawness and refinement aren’t opposing ends of the luxury spectrum. They’re just two complementary features with which we craft a luxurious environment.

The duo of Kristina and Ivan Robar brings immense experience in creating and valorizing projects in the higher market segment, along with a thorough understanding of the dynamics and demands of contemporary life. Established in 2016, this dynamic studio provides interior design services, project management and landscaping, all with a strong sense of identity.

Kristina Robar

– Senior Designer and CEO, Co-owner

Even as a child, Kristina Robar felt a strong need to change and improve the reality around her. During frequent stays with her aunt in Germany, who appreciated all things beautiful and elegant, she was captivated by her clothing, footwear, textiles, and the beauty and harmony of city streets, buildings, and shop windows. In a way, it was inevitable that Kristina would become a professional interior designer.

During her early career as a business manager for a construction company in Opatija, she gained valuable experience in the field of construction and real estate markets. Subsequently, Kristina gained significant experience in interior design in the demanding villa and vacation house market in Istria, where she operated as an independent professional. In 2016, she and her husband founded an interior design studio in Opatija, expanded with an agency department. Kristina holds a degree from the London Institute of Interior Design.

``Destination is never just a place, but a new way of seeing things.``

Kristina loves traveling across Europe, primarily staying in cities. Not just for design-related fairs and events, but to gain personal experiences about people’s way of life, culture, art, craftsmanship, as well as the specific beauties and values of different European regions. Venice, the city of unmatched and timeless beauty and harmony, is Kristina’s favorite city, her second home, and the nearest destination where she spends most of her time. It’s a never-ending source of inspiration and excitement.

Kristina Robar isn’t an advocate for strictly defining styles in design. She views interior design as an art form. Nevertheless, with strong foundations in Art Deco and Classic styles, Kristina redefines what is now considered the Contemporary style. She also enjoys using the transitional style, skillfully blending classic furniture with modern elements and unexpected details, creating a warm and inspiring environment.

Ivan Robar

– Office and Post-production Manager, Co-owner

Ivan Robar began his career as the Head of Administration in a public service company with over 100 employees. He holds a degree in law and simultaneously specialized in digital marketing, tourism management, and IT solutions in the creative industries.

As a child, Ivan was surrounded by art, as his father is a painter. He always had an eye for what is beautiful and harmonious, which developed his passion for photography and design. Ivan has substantial experience in computer technologies and their application in creative industries.

Together with his wife Kristina Robar, he established an interior design studio and a project management and villa booking company in 2016. At CTI, he works on project analysis, visual post-production, marketing, and booking tasks.

Professional team for Full Scale solutions

In addition to highly educated interior designers, our team also includes a civil engineer, a custom furniture specialist, a lighting expert, and depending on the project, we can also provide an experienced team to perform all types of finishing works as well as expert project supervision.

Following the client’s preferences and needs, and relying on our expertise, experience and creativity, we design the best possible solutions and create attractive and functional spaces that will truly be special for the client.

Our Studio

Our studio is located on a peaceful street right next to the main square in Vodnjan, one of the few authentic Istrian towns. This location provides us with the creative environment we adore, and its proximity to Pula, Rovinj, and the Istrian Y makes it strategic for project realization, meetings, and interactions in the office. The office has an entrance from the street and an exit to a terrace offering a wide green belt with untouched nature.

Our Values

The Creative Tourism Industry team operates under three words of business culture: Be passionate, be honest, and be kind. Be passionate about what you do, be honest about how you do it, be kind to your team members, and treat our clients with the same respect. Every member of our team understands the significance of these values, which enriches them personally.

Relaxed and approachable, our team doesn’t promote design with a single face; instead, it’s dedicated to creating a home that is truly personal and unique for our clients.

Our Design Philosophy

The spirit of our design is manifested in the “Timeless interiors for life” approach. Beautiful details, bold use of colors, balance and symmetry, spaces infused with subtle glamor and a touch of drama – this is the recognizable touch of Creative Tourism Industry design. Originality, freshness, and quality, innovative techniques, and human empathy – these are the characteristics of Kristina Robar’s work that inspire the entire team.

We interpret the client’s character and style to provide them with an innovative and captivating interior. We choose furniture, textiles, and even artwork and antiques. Interior spaces are often reimagined in entirely new ways to remove physical barriers that obstruct a better way of life.

Size doesn't matter.

Size doesn’t matter.

From la grande maison to a pied-à-terre In the world of architecture and highly stylized interiors, projects of various sizes and scales are equally valuable in terms of inspirational design and meticulous attention to detail. Previous clients have come to us with a range of requirements and needs, from small apartments and townhouses to large summer houses and vacation villas. What is common among our projects is not their size, but the level of thoughtfulness, refinement, and luxury that goes into each design. Similarly, the bald eagle is one of the largest and most majestic birds gracing the sky, but hummingbirds, at just three centimeters in size, are equally impressive, waving their wings at an extraordinary fifty times per second.

Attention to Detail

In 1961, renowned furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames wrote about the importance of details in design. Together, they emphasized that details in design are not just details; they are the design. Enriched by these fundamental ideas, we’ve learned to pay special attention to the details of our work because that’s what truly makes design unique – much like the complexity of a snowflake, always one-of-a-kind. Whether we’ve engaged a craftsman to produce custom cabinets for a children’s playroom or marble cornices in the bathroom for an absolutely perfect finish – we promise to deliver truly exceptional design tailored to our client’s demands and tastes.

``While designing, I always try to add one controversial item. It's what people talk about.``