Apartment and Studio Apartment in Rijeka


We have developed a conceptual interior design project for an apartment and a studio apartment in an older building in Rijeka. According to the investor’s wishes, as they intend to use the apartment as their living space, we designed the apartment with a slightly stronger, almost “masculine” theme to reflect the owner’s character. On the other hand, we designed the studio apartment with a much “lighter” theme to create a pleasant atmosphere for a wider audience, as it is intended for renting.

Relaxed and approachable, our team doesn't promote a one-size-fits-all design; instead, we are dedicated to creating homes that are truly personal and special for our clients.

``When designing, I look not only with my eyes but also with my heart. I find things that the client will connect with. How else would one design someone's home?``

We design custom furniture and collaborate closely with trusted partners to ensure the highest quality of the final product, overseeing every phase of the process - from the initial sketch, through detailed elaboration, production, to the final installation.

Timeless Interiors

Creative Tourism Industry has earned a reputation for creating refined and elegant interiors infused with passion, creativity, and intelligent solutions.

People are primarily visual, and our design is the crucial element that sets an object apart from the crowd. We aim to provide guests with excellent comfort and a sense of excitement right from the moment they choose our property.

Conceptual interior design project of an apartment and studio apartment in Rijeka

Expertise and Attention to Detail

Our skilled professionals offer a comprehensive range of interior design services. We create interior plans, lighting schemes, and intelligent carpentry solutions. We design kitchens and bathrooms, select decorations, and deliver sophisticated pieces of furniture, artworks, and details. Our network of reliable suppliers and craftsmen consists of experts in their fields with exceptional attention to detail.

Relationship with Clients

Investors are our partners and allies, and their satisfaction is the sole measure of the quality of our work. Therefore, our approach is based on a completely individualized approach, and instead of mass production, we prioritize quality and approach design with style and love.